Features You Must Consider In Data Recovery Services In Boston

Data Recovery

It is crucial to know what to consider in a data recovery service. Your data is important and you must choose the best data recovery services in Boston to handle the entire recovery process. Moreover, the more sensitive your data is, the more crucial information it holds, the more cautious you need to be when choosing the best data service that will handle your situation well.

Below are some of the vital aspects you must consider when deciding.

  • Customer Support

The data recovery service should place great value on the quality of customer support and service. The client should be completely kept in the loop at every step of their data recovery process. Customer service initiates with the first contact, either it is in-person or by phone. The client should be provided with an idea of what the desktop, server, or laptop hard disk data recovery could cost them. Should the client decide to go ahead with the repairs, professional data recovery services in Boston will follow with a free quote of the actual cost. This is generally done after the disk has been thoroughly examined to determine the cause or source of data loss.

  • Expert Technicians And Quality Equipment

When looking for the best data recovery services in Boston, ensure that their equipment and tools used for data recovery are well-maintained and top-quality. Having proper equipment for effective hard disk recovery is costly and must be well-maintained in order to ensure safe, consistent results. The recovery process should be performed in a clean room. An extremely efficient filtering system is useful in maintaining a containment-free environment in the working area. Even minute dust particles and other contaminants can damage the delicate surfaces of the machine’s internal components and even the recording media.

  • Secure Facilities

The data recovery process could take a few days to accomplish. This is because the data stored on the damaged disks could be extremely sensitive, comprising of crucial information, therefore, secure storage of these disks is important. Drives along with other mechanical equipment should be properly secured in a protected and specifically-designed vault; preferably it should well-built or must be stronger than a bank vault. The access to the area must be controlled and monitored, even during the working hours. Proper vault construction keeps away any wireless attempts being made for data theft.

Furthermore, 24-hour surveillance, fire suppression, and motion detection sensors are important for data safety and security.