PWA for Magento: Power Your E-Business With Cutting-edge technology

pwa for magento

If you think owning a Magento website is enough to get visitors to the store, you are just half correct. You need to bring the best experience to customers to become interested in the store and then purchase products. PWA for Magento can be the answer to this issue.

The competition in eCommerce is becoming more intense than ever. To win first place, the store must show that it can upgrade online shopping to the next level.

Read this post to find out why many merchants choose Magento Progressive Web App as a tool to attract more customers to the store and generate higher sales.

What Is PWA?

PWA is the short name for Progressive Web Application. The difference that PWA can bring to the store is the app-like experience.

PWA is not new to the market, but many people do not recognize this technique’s existence. The main reason is that PWA makes the website so similar to a mobile app that customers can’t distinguish which platform they are using.

New Things Coming Up With PWA For Magento

By installing PWA in Magento store, merchants can get several upgraded features for the website.

New Storefront For Different Devices

With PWA for Magento, the storefront would go through some major changes to enhance the shopping experience for buyers.

First and foremost, there is no longer the front-end website but a strong PWA storefront that comes with the “add to home screen” possibility.

No more URLs on the top of the page, so customers get more space to view products. Less scrolling can help customers save time, and they could find the goods they need faster.

Besides, the content and layout of the new storefront are made to fit the different screen sizes of user devices.

Effortless Installation

Magento Progressive Web Application can be installed with ease through the add to the home screen feature.

Installation can be done by following the guide from the popup from the site, and users can get the Magento PWA on the device. This takes less time and storage space than downloading the native apps.

Enhanced Offline Experience

This feature used to exist only in some native apps, but it is now available on Magento websites integrated with PWA. Not all information can be seen, but those are preloaded.

Push Notifications

What would upset the customers more than missing the sales discount or restock of the products they long for? PWA can solve this situation by allowing Magento stores to send push notifications to their shoppers.

This feature has yet to exist on the regular website, but customers can now get the reminder for any upcoming events in the store with PWA. They will get the notifications from the shop sent to their device, and they will usually appear on the lock screen.

Secure Magento Store

For e-commerce businesses, any incidences like having the information of customers stolen or hacked would negatively affect the company’s reputation, which takes a long time to regain buyers’ trust.

A Magento PWA website uses HTTPS instead of HTTP, which lets the site be protected with higher security.

Fast Loading Speed

PWA’s precaching technology helps retain layout when switching to other pages and memorize the page from the first view. Thus, it takes less time to view the products on Magento websites.

As customers tend to leave the site when the waiting time exceeds 5 seconds, PWA for Magento can lessen the waiting time and increase the session duration rate.

When To Start Building PWA For Magento?

The answer is now. When merchants spend time waiting or hesitating, eCommerce does not slow down but continues to develop. They must focus on enhancing customers’ experience to keep pace with other competitors and maintain a large share of the market.

For PWA for Magento, it can truly transform the website and make online shopping more comfortable and convenient for purchasers.

However, before starting the Magento Progressive Web Application development, firms need to find the right partner to work with.

Final Words

Developing and enhancing the online store are must-do things to maximize the revenue for Magento stores. And PWA for Magento has opened a new door to the higher standard of online shopping.

Through our post, firms can understand more about PWA for Magento and soon adopt this technology to see online sales skyrocket.