How To Run A Contest Using Chatbot


Facebook Messenger chatbot platform has created a name for itself when it made a huge change in the face of social media marketing by helping businesses communicate with their customers better and improve user experience.

Did you know that the chatbot platform is expected to help and save businesses around $8 billion in the next five years? This is according to a report from MobileMonkey. In addition to this, the global chatbot market can seemingly grow exponentially from 2016 to 2023 according to Credence Research.

Now you must be thinking that it’ll be quite difficult to build a chatbot, but the truth is, it isn’t as complicated as you think it is. You can find a comprehensive guide from MobileMonkey on how to build a free facebook chatbot in just five minutes.

Facebook contests are considered an effective strategy for generating new leads, increasing the number of your followers, and expanding the reach of your network. However, utilizing chatbot to do the heavy work for your business is easier than you might think.

Here’s a list of chatbots contests to get inspiration from so you can gather ideas for your next campaign project:

The standard “comment to win” Facebook contest

This “comment to win” contest doesn’t just increase your engagement and helps attract more attention to your brand, it can also turn your Facebook page into Messenger contacts — by adding a post autoresponder, you can turn each comment on the post into a new contact once a user replied to your autoresponder.

Here’s an example from FreeGo Electric Bikes, their comment Facebook bot contest was a success.

The “Caption this” contest

Using images, videos, and GIFs is a fun and creative way of creating a classic “caption this” contest from a comment guarded post. This can grab more attention and increase your engagement by asking your followers to add some funny, silly, interesting, and unique captions they can think of. You can turn their suggested captions into Messenger contacts.

A Puzzle Solving or Quiz Whizz contest

Puzzle-solving or quiz whiz is an excellent psychological way to get your followers engaged in a Facebook post. Creating a contest that invites people to think in a fun way by completing words or solving puzzles is going to be a definite hit!

This kind of contest can bring people together and drop in their answers to the comment section

and from there you can turn those who answered as your new Facebook Messenger contact.

Share your story contest

Most of the time, people in general love sharing their stories and experiences — you can ask your followers to share their stories via Messenger as this kind of contest works from any entry point. There are numerous ways to set up a Facebook bot contest entry point, check out the list below.

The Name Game contest

Do you have a new product to launch? The name game contest is an excellent way to promote your new product! This is a huge opportunity to increase community engagement and generate more leads. You can ask your followers to come up with a name for your product using a Facebook bot. Just like the previous contest, you can also set this contest from any entry point.

How to run a contest using a Facebook bot?

Here’s a brief guide to start creating your Facebook chatbot contest, get your free MobileMonkey account and proceed with these three easy steps:

First Step: Create the dialogue flow of the chatbot to collect entries

To give you a head start, this free chatbot builder can be your powerful tool for creating a dialogue that your chatbot can say when a user enters your contest from any entry point.

Second Step: Create your entry point/s for the contest

You can use any of MobileMonkey’s 8 built-in lead magnets as your entry point for your Facebook bot contest.

Third Step: For you to pick a winner for your contest, you should download the audience contest entries

Every contest has a winner. You can see everyone who joined your contest using MobileMonkey’s audiences tools that you can access on your dashboard.

With the new contacts that you’ll gather from the contests you’ll be creating on Facebook, you can surely expect an increase in engagement and generate more leads for your business. The idea of running these contests is to improve your Facebook Messenger marketing strategy.

You can cover a wide range of different Facebook chatbot contests that would suit your brand, products, or services. However, you should also keep in mind entering a contest swiftly can attract more followers to join. Therefore, it is crucial to plan and know your goals to determine what kind of contests you should be running because these interested followers can become your future happy and loyal customers!