Minimalist Essentials

Minimalist Essentials

Contrary to popular belief, as a minimalist, I like to purchase new things and bring new things into my lifeIf they have the following features, helping me make or save money, saving me time, driving a passion or hobby, it’s good for my physical or mental health or it just gets used frequentlyI’ve made a list of my own personal centers and wanted to share them today in this article.


Obviously, life would be a lot of lot less enjoyable without musicAnd I basically have music in my ears probably 90% of my waking hoursI listen to music when I work and when I read or when I’m out and I like a calming walk in the parkThe vast majority will be instrumental calming music, sometimes when I work I go for Lo-Fi beats playlist or calm Instrumental Jazz, but mostly I do more than piano classicalAnd you saying that out loudIt sounds so boring, but trust me nothing is my brain more focused than this type of music.

A Durable Smartphone

Honor smartphone has company me for yearsThis model’s key advantages are designed to honor x7a 5g screen and 5g speedAnd it is incredibly easy to use this film and make beautiful photos without any effort on your partThis is mainly because it employs a 50MP Camera with a 5MP wide-angle camera, 2mp depth camera, and a 2 mp macro cameraIts image resolution supports up to 8192 by 6144 pixelsMoreover, it is able to record 1080p videoAll in all, this is the perfect phone to cover my everyday life needs.


I am a serious tea addictEvery morning first thing I brew a pot and once it’s finished, I receive the same leaves and drink a whole other pot before lunchAnd if I get any leftovers, I use pouring some bottles and chill it to drink as iced tea in the afternoonMy tea of choice is buying a big bag of organic and food-quality sensitiveNow here’s the trickWhen I open a new bag I pour in a few teaspoons of matcha powder and then I use shake it off before I put it into a containerThat way I get my own essential matcha blend.

A Higher Quality Version

Now the last thing on this list of must-haves kind of covers everythingIt covers all items that I bring into my life and anything that I decided to do or tryAnd it’s just to go with the higher-quality version of whatever that isLess but better has always been my favorite motto about minimalismGoing with a higher quality choice when deciding between multiple items has almost always paid offEven if that means spending a little bit more upfrontBecause while I might be spending a little bit more money upfront typically sees me money or time down the roadMake sure it’s something that’s going to last me years to come.

Kobe Reader

Basically, if you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring? If we skip the boring things you need for know survival and for your health and instead look at the things that are only there to make life more pleasurable as in the things that make life worth livingNaturally, the handiest thing for a desert island is a library to make the time passBut even in my very comfortable bed with tons of other choices for entertainmentI will always always always reach for my Kobo reader, looking at ways to pass the time, reading is the one thing I spent most hours doing more than streaming TV or scrolling my phone or on YouTube by farSo if you took away my reading, I would seriously get devastated.



I always believe a minimalist lifestyle can improve your lifeHope you find some inspiration in this passage.