Application Of Ai Voice Robot

Application Of Ai Voice Robot

Ai robots are among the more advanced and intelligent things that retailers spread throughout the retail sector. For example, while ai voice robot have performed shipping tasks in warehouses and fulfillment centers, they have now been moved to the front area of retail stores.

Retail businesses are experimenting with robots in the supply chain, and they are shown to be valuable because they cut labor costs while enhancing visibility, service standards, and customer experience.

So, without any more wait, let’s get into the detail of the application of ai robots in different fields.

  • Military

They are utilized as medics to assist friendly forces, as armed devices to target the competing sides, or as drones to maintain a watch on the enemy. An example is DOGO, a tactical fighting robot that also comes equipped with a camera for spying on the enemy’s actions and a 9-millimeter handgun for emergencies!

Many robots have been designed to resemble humans for aesthetic reasons closely. These robots are primarily employed in high-profile customer service roles to promote robotics. However, by designing their outlook, you can easily find countless examples where the robots employed are designed to look like actual humans.

  • Preparation Of Food

Some robots can even prepare full meals for you to eat. These robots are capable of cooking and utilizing countless recipes. All you want to do is select the recipes and the dish you would like to enjoy every day, and that is it. Then, the robot will prepare the meal for you. One example is Moley Robotics. It has developed a robotic kitchen featuring a robot that can prepare meals just like a professional chef!

  • Medical Care

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The healthcare industry has undergone significant upheaval thanks to robots which have only aided in improving everything. For example, they can assist surgeons in critical procedures with more precision. There are countless examples and options when we talk about robots in the field of medicine. For example, the da Vinci robot and the Exoskeletons can assist in surgeries or help people recover from spinal injuries, strokes, etc., with additional support.

  • Aquatic Exploration

Robots are a fantastic alternative for investigating locations that are difficult for people to access, like the ocean’s depths! Deep beneath the ocean is intense water pressure, which prevents humans from going there and limits the depth to which robots like submarines may travel. Now that specialized robots have been created; it is possible to finally explore the ocean’s hidden depths. These remote-controlled robots can explore the ocean’s depths and gather information and pictures of underwater wildlife and plants.


Now that we know the different fields where robots work, they are also employed as security guards, chefs, medical assistants, and customer service representatives. Robots can also be used for different tasks which humans might find uninteresting, dangerous, or repetitive.

They are smarter, so they can perform physically demanding tasks. As a result, robots can assist people perfectly and offer numerous solutions across a wide range of industries.