Tips to Safely Migrate Your Data from One Global Storage Facility to Another

Tips to Safely Migrate Your Data from One Global Storage Facility to Another

Have you have been using a different data storage facility and you are having thoughts of migrating to snowflake? Well, those who have done before will openly tell you that it may not be as easy as transferring an audio file from one disk tape to the other. Unless you have clear and safe guidance from an expert who has had experience from it, you may end up having to build an entire data structure from scrap.

Masking the Sensitive Data

In many organizations, sensitive data like financial records or precisely, bank statements are always kept at a very confidential level. This therefore still raises an alarm also while transferring data, while we all understand that over the internet, there are those who are seated to make peoples life hard by cyber bullying them. Snowflake migration ensure that the owner’s sensitive data is fully masked to evade any attack that might happen. This gives you as a data owner the courage to work with them since your privacy must be taken care of.

Simplifying Aces Control

As we all understand, accessing data sometimes proves to be a very hard task and therefore requires someone who can set it up in a way that it can be easily traced. When the aces control is simplified, the data on transferring becomes easy to retrieve and restore correctly in the new storage facility. But if it is not simplified, even if the data is safely transferred, there still lies a huge task of trying to get aces to the data since it might scramble in the new facility.

Assistance on Compliance

There are some international guidelines that any data owner seeking to transfer or even store data must observe, Satori has been in the field for a long time and they understand and ensure to observe the required rules in data processing and storage. They assist all their clients in any regulations they need to comply with when working on their data.

Locating the Position of Sensitive Data

Just after migrating data to a new facility, the first thing that always comes to the mind of the data owner is always the sensitive data, unless they gay an expert that understands much about data storage, it may take them decades to relocate the sensitive data to secure it. Satori helps you easily locate it and secure it right from the old server to the new server.