3 Common PC Issues and How You Can Fix Them

3 Common PC Issues and How You Can Fix Them

Computers and laptops are unavoidable in today’s life, as these devices help to make our life convenient and easy. Every organization uses computers and laptops to improve their productivity irrespective of the industry. The arrival of new hardware and software over the years also makes the work more efficient than ever before. But most of you will run into different technical issues by using these devices in your daily life. Get an idea about the common PC problems to troubleshoot them easily without seeking help from IT services.

3 Most Common Computer Problems

Everybody desires that their system works efficiently without any issues. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong with your computer because of its regular functioning. Finding the fault in their system can be difficult for many people, even if they have a basic idea about it. Some of the common computer issues are:

Slow Performance

Slower performance in applications is a common issue faced by many people. It can be the result of fragmentation on your system’s C drive.  Cleaning some of its basic software can solve this issue. You can run a quick system check from the Task Manager so that you can understand the applications that take up most of the resources of CPU and RAM. Remove all unnecessary processes and programs that you do not often use on your computer.

Overheating of PC

Another common PC issue is overheating, which slows down the system and also causes frequent crashes. Frequent heat exposure can also cause permanent damage to your PC components. Your computer overheats if the cooling system of it does not work properly. Sometimes its cooling system cannot handle the point at which the PC is heating. If your PC is overheating, check if its fan is working correctly or not. Ensure to clean up the system and avoid blocking its vents to fix the problem. You can also reapply thermal paste in such situations.

Loud Noise from the PC

Many PCs create grinding noises or loud clicking, and the main reason is a hardware failure. Some other reasons are the rotary functions of its hard drives or cooling fans. If it is because of its cooling fans, it is time to change them. And you can change that with the help of a screwdriver. But if it is because of CPU fans, graphic cards, or power supplies, they are a little expensive to replace.

Whenever your computer ends up with an issue, you do not have to hire a technician to fix the problem if you have an idea about common issues associated with it. Interestingly, most computer related problems have simple solutions, and you can fix them with a few easy steps. Check the above common PC problems so that you do not have to run to a technician to fix them. Many people can fix common PC problems, but they find laptop repairs difficult. Such people need to find support from a good IT company to fix their problems.