How to Resell VPS Hosting Using WHMCS?

How to Resell VPS Hosting Using WHMCS?

Reseller business is a great way to earn some extra cash on top of your salaryThere are many reseller plans that you can buy and start sellingThe primary question is how to do it? How to resell a Virtual Server Web Hosting?

Reselling web hosting, then be it VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting or a Reseller Hosting account, is a lucrative business idea and great option to venture into web hosting enterprise with minimal capital and basic technical know-howSo, if you are wondering about reselling a VPS Hosting to your larger customer base, we say you follow this how-to tutorial to do it all rightIt is a straightforward way to resell hosting by using WHMCS.

Procedure to Resell VPS Hosting Using WHMCS

So, WHMCS is a full-fledged software interface for client management, billing, support assistance for web hosting businessesMost hosting providers use this as their billing system for saving their time by automating the repetitive tasks and utilise it to grow the business.

It provides easy to use interface for customer signup, service provisioning, management and supportSo, if you are someone who is looking to grow or expand your reselling business, this is the right tool for you.

Here are a few steps which will help you resell your VPS hosting on WHMCS:

  1. Product group

The first step in reselling your VPS Hosting is to create a new product group in WHMCSTo do that:

  1. Login to your admin area.
  2. Navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Product/Services.
  3. Click on Create New Group after that and define a new name for the product group.
  4. Once done, click on Save Changes.
  1. New Product

Now once a product group is created, go ahead and create a new productFollow the procedure given below:

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  1. Login to your admin area.
  2. Navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Product/Services.
  3. Click on Create New Product and define the new product’s name.
  4. Select VPS/Dedicated server as the Product Type and then select the Product Group you created in the previous step.

You can name the product now according to your understandingFor example, if it is a VPS hosting with 5 GB SSD storage, you can name it like, 5 GB SSD VPS.

  1. Configuration

Now the setup is ready, and the product is set for resellingWe also have to configure the product properly for future purposeAdd a product description to your product that will explain the package well to your consumerAssign it a welcome email, so the users are well-aware after they purchase the VPS hosting.

Next most important thing in the process is setting up the prices for the packagesThat is how people will know which one to buy, is it feasible for them, and all the other backend stuffFor setting prices, click on Pricing.

Once all this is in place, you are ready to resell the VPS HostingAfter the successful set up of the reselling product options, your website should display all the information you inserted into the WMHCS and ready for people to buyNow you can sit back see the orders coming from the customers and earning new clients.

  1. Confirm the order

Once the customer chooses the plan on your website, you will know which configuration VPS Hosting needs to be ordered from your hosting companyYou can send the info and wait for the server to go onlineOnce that is done, you can confirm the order and send the assigned IP to your customer.

And there you areYour customer will be able to see the VPS Hosting inside the client panelReselling VPS Hosting this way will help you generate some revenue for yourself and help you to grow the business 2-folds.

In a nutshell

With website and businesses going online every day, considering a reseller business can be a profitable optionYou just need to follow the right set of instructions to make this happenWe have tried to put forward the best way to take your reselling plans online and allow your customers to buy the product directly from your website.