Most Inspiring Movies About Horse Racing Championships In The Middle East

Most Inspiring Movies About Horse Racing Championships In The Middle East

Sports are always a big source of new inspirational ideas for film producers and moviemakers in the worldBut when it comes to racing, well, things seem to skyrocket even better!

Racing is a little different than sports – of course, competition is an essential component of all kinds of races as much as it is for all sportsBut beyond competition, racing can give the public a lot more thrills and suspenseFirst of all, racing is a matter of wild, fighting spirit: if you don’t have it, you won’t learn what competing in a race meansIt’s not just technique and training, as it is for all sportsTaking part in a race means to dare to challenge oneself first and the competitors secondly.

Horse Racing Into A Movie: A Film Review Of “50 To 1”

With this said, we want to highlight that not all kinds of races are the same, thoughThere are car races and horse races… pretty different, as you can seeHorse racing events seem to be some of the most inspiring racing events for movie directors for several reasons: horse races can conquer the interest of so many people from different cultures, which means to grow the movie’s popularity levelMoreover, horse races can take place in charming locations that add their natural beauty and uniqueness to the movie background and storyWhat’s more effective than bringing all the intense thrills and unforgettable landscapes to make people fall in love with a movie about horse racing? Several movie directors caught the idea, including Jim Wilson, who used it to release his great “50 To 1” in 2014.

For all those who are new to this movie genre, here are some details: “50 To 1” is a film in the form of a documentary about horse racingHorses are the true protagonist of the entire movie, which will keep you breathtaking from the first minute to the last oneThrough “50 To 1”, you’ll understand how noble horses can be and what riding these ever-friendly animals means for a cowboy.

The story talks about a group of cowboys in New Mexico who owned a purebred American racing horseThe fortune of Mine That Bird’s owner lies in his horseThus, he tries to participate with Mine That Bird in as many races as he can to win titles and money until he decides to ride for the Kentucky DerbyDuring the journey to Churchill Downs, the place of the race, Mine That Bird is subject to several accidents that could convince him to give it upEverything seems to run against Mine That Bird, and that’s exactly where the movie comes up with a dramatic turn of events: Mine That Bird wins the Kentucky Championship Derby of 2009 despite all oddsWho would say that a horse at a ratio of 50 to 1 could ever win the first prize? Against what everyone at the race could expect, Mine That Bird shows to be ready for his best achievement.

As you can see, breathtaking scenes and turns of events are simply guaranteed with “50 To 1”You can find this movie online, or you may look at this offering by Warner Bros.

What’s Behind The Success Of “50 To 1”?


Probably, you’ve already heard about several other movies inspired by the world of horse racingEvery movie comes with a particular story and adventure to discover for everyoneSome movies are based on real facts, as wellHowever, not all movies about horse racing championships can give the public the same deep emotions as the most attractive horse race movies that are based on horse racing championships in the Middle East.

It’s a winning formula made of charming landscapes, golden dunes, wild deserts, and all the special love Arab people put in breeding racing horsesThe Middle East region is the ideal corner of the planet to live for all horse racing amateursAnd it’s not a random fact that Arabs can bet dizzying amounts of money on these worldwide famous horse races:

  1. Saudi Arabia Horse Race
    This horse racing event is a new entry into the world of horse racingThe race stretches for 1,800 meters on a wild dirt track for max14 runnersThe highest prize reaches $10m.
  2. Dubai World Cup Horse Race
    This racing championship is not only the world’s oldest horse race, but it’s also the most expensiveThe Dubai World Cup Horse Race distributed over $22m in prizes over the years from 1998As you can see, the most talented runners try to participate in it every year.
  3. Katara International Arabian Horse Festival
    This horse race focuses on showing the beauty of Arabian racing horsesIt’s one of the most awaited horse championships in the world, with participants from every country and regionThe prize for the first winner varies from QR100,000 to one million according to the horse category and rankings.

There are more horse race championships in the region, each is popular for giving the winners generous prizes, beyond the honor of being praised by the wealthiest Arab authorities.