Social Distancing With A Digital Mail System

Social Distancing With A Digital Mail System

Eco-Mail is a secure, scalable, Digital Post Office system that transforms incoming physical mail into powerful digital assets at their point of entry to your business. It enables clients to streamline their operations, increase response times, improve their controls and compliance, and save huge amounts of money.

Currently, companies large and small worldwide are struggling under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are practicing social distancing and follow safety measures. Many companies have asked their employees to work from home, which has added to a continually changing business arena. Crowded mailrooms with numerous people handling mail is a breeding ground for germs. When using a digital mail system with Eco-Mail, every mail piece is quickly accounted for, scanned, tracked, and delivered to the recipient without touching it. Physical mail is stored away from your business, freeing up space in your office, ensuring fewer health risks, leaving the company with a fresh new solution to snail mail’s age-old problems. With a digital transformation, the letter becomes manageable, trackable, and efficient. Every aspect becomes integrated into the solution and is shaped into a sound system that generates success.

Most inbound paper mail is addressed to a workgroup, not an individual – and demands action or a transaction via an existing digital workflow. A large amount of incoming mail ends up getting hand-delivered not once, but twice – while still on paper. But nobody cares about the article. They care about the content.  Group emails with attached files are, most necessarily, operations and compliance nightmares – incredibly challenging to manage and maintain controls.

Eco-Mail, unlike email, was explicitly designed to solve this problem. Sending scans through regular email is excellent for individuals. But your operational workgroups require managed queues, tracked processing, compliance monitoring, automated, and searchable audit trails. Group emails are, necessarily, operations and compliance nightmares – incredibly challenging to manage and maintain controls. Labor. Infrastructure. Transportation. Downstream duplication and scanning. Inefficient use of higher-cost resources. The liabilities add up.

Digital Mail System

Digitizing inbound mail saves time and workforce by freeing up employees and, as a result, saves money. If you are receiving a lot of paper mail, you will find your company saving approximately 1 dollar per piece of mail. A thousand pieces of mail equals a thousand dollars a day in savings and cuts down on resources that can be utilized elsewhere.

A quality enterprise digital mail service can quickly and seamlessly integrate with your present system. The solution becomes instantly more robust and ready to handle anything.

Digital Mailroom solutions with Eco-Mail cuts physical contact, lowers costs, raises efficiency, and keeps business flowing with modern-day technology, bringing relief to many struggling companies. A digital mailroom is an asset to any business, allowing its employees to work from anywhere in the world. Let Eco-Mail help yours, too.