Is Windows 10 For Me?

Windows 10

Windows 10 is a new, interesting choice for businesses that need a versatile operating system. Features can run across your desktop and mobile devices, so a portable outlet to manage what you need is always at your fingertips. Below, we’ll review advancements in three key categories: usability, security, and management.


A new, organized start menu combines key Windows 7 features with the best from Windows 8 for a refined and maneuverable interface. Browsing is as simple and quick experience with Microsoft Edge and IE11. Businesses can get local Microsoft Windows support in San Antonio, TX.

Backwards-compatibility and large storage give you an organized web portfolio with the speed you desire. All this is compatible with Windows 10 apps, which are pre-included and also downloadable from the Windows Store. Download the latest in data filing, security, and materials and time-regulators to create a forefront of efficiency.


Microsoft Passport controls access to your most sensitive digital belongings with industrial grade security. It employs a double-factor entrance mechanism with PIN codes, passwords, and support for fingerprint, facial, and iris-recognition.

Polished start-up protects against malware from the moment you turn on your device. Convenient data protection allows you to securely store data on a range of devices without the need for containers.


Instillation of Windows 10 in existing devices is free of difficulties and worries. Automatic data sensors transfer material from your old operating system without altering it. Drivers and apps are reinstalled and updated promptly for a seamless transition. Azure Active Directory Join allows business identities to create individual, secure sign-ins for their employees and partners. Office 365 provides several programs manageable at your will for each sector of your business.

Microsoft has evolved with the business in mind. While Windows 10 remains a premium OS for home users, the redesigned capabilities for digital management are vital to the widespread and diverse needs of every corporation. Personal security, as well as company-wide protection, focus on every individual involved in your projects. Updates for business-centered individuals allow customization that fits your unique goals.

Windows 10 Is The Premier Product For Business Use

Microsoft Windows has long been the premier operating system for business use and with a variety of new features, Windows 10 is no exception.

The most prominent new feature in Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is a web browser similar to Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. However, Edge is unique in that it allows you to write or draw directly on the web page. This feature essentially allows you to annotate webpages at your convenience. No longer do you have to print out webpages or use an unstable third party app to annotate webpages or take notes. You can then integrate those notes with your Microsoft Surface, a Windows Phone or another PC.

Another key feature in Windows 10 is Cortana. Microsoft bills Cortana as a “personal assistant.” It essentially functions as a more advanced Siri, as popularized by Apple in iOS. Cortana can quickly and efficiently set up meetings, send emails or look up information. It can also pull up, sort or send your notes from Edge. In a fast paced business, these time saving features are crucial.

Ultimately, Windows has continued their trend from Windows 8 by allowing for easy integration. However, Windows 8 was much maligned for deviating so far from the standard Windows user interface that had been used from the past two decades. Users were not willing to embrace such a sharp change.

Windows 10 brings back the old user interface system while continuing to allow integration with multiple devices, particularly the Microsoft Surface. By doing this, Microsoft is ensuring that Windows 10 can meet your business needs whether working at your desk or while on the go.