All About Boosting E-Commerce Product Discovery In Shopify Websites

All About Boosting E-Commerce Product Discovery In Shopify Websites

Similar to the way physically located stores are put in order by department so customers can find particular products by asking a staff member, as per the specialists of a reputed Shopify web design agency, online shoppers need the capability of browsing, filtering, and searching so they can stumble on what they are in search of easily and quickly.

Nearly 47% of ecommerce customers dump websites that take longer than three seconds to load, which puts forward how intolerant people are when it comes to product discovery. Fortunately, Shopify has got a lot of features that make it easy to build custom navigation, put items in order and categories, and put search functionality into practice effortlessly and efficiently.

  • Custom Navigation

Presenting the customer with a lot of choices may result in analysis paralysis – where there are choices available in abundance to effectively make a decision results in irritation and leaving behind. By designing a custom navigation, the professionals look forward to prioritize items and collections that convert the most effectively – for instance, visibly displaying the “Desk” collection if desk products are the most popular!

Such custom navigations can even be edited in the Shopify CMS to allow casual A/B testing.

Visually speaking, as per the professionals for Shopify web development services, the most excellent converting Shopify themes put on show the title of the collection evidently and make use of an adequate amount of whitespace to help the user make out what they are in search of for among all the collections, items, and pages being offered.

  • Collections

A collection is a structured and well thought-out grouping of similar items. Items can be sorted into collections by hand, or they can even be automatically sorted depending on the matched criteria – for instance, if the item title has a certain keyword, has been assigned a certain tag, or falls within a specific price range.

They can even be momentary i.e., for a limited time sale or recurring making sure that Shopify website designs are always pertinent, well-timed, and, most of all, highly converting. At the same time as such collections are characterized behind the scenes, it is helpful for designers for ecommerce websites to have knowledge of such functionality at the time of designing for Shopify.

  • Product Tags

Visible or displayed tags help customers stumble on similar items, and as mentioned above, they can even be utilized internally for the purpose of creating collections. However, the most promising advantage of tags lies in the fact that they can be utilized to create a faceted search, letting customers to filter products depending on a tagged defining attributed such as “Blue”.

The specialists always keep a few things in mind, such as let customers do away with filters in order to widen their search and prune filters to show only the most popular at 1st glance. For further explanation, demonstrate which filters are applied.

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